LinkedIn for 2014: Five Ideas to Generate Sales Leads

Your LinkedIn profile can benefit you in many ways.  One of the best is using it as a sales tool. It helps you promote yourself and can make people want to connect and do business with you.  It can showcase the services and products that you and your company provide.  It can generate leads and impress your current network of existing LinkedIn contacts too.


How can you make your profile work better?  Here are some ideas-


1. Your Photo/Image:

Since it the very first thing that anyone sees on your LinkedIn profile your photo should be a high quality, updated head shot. You should look amiable and accessible and the image should be appropriate for your type of work.  Consider a contemporary Black & White image instead of color because it can help you stand out on a screen.  You should also change your photo from time to time and you can even rotate them occasionally.  Most important of all: You MUST use a photo.  Having no photo is completely unacceptable.  You will be perceived negatively and many will move along past your profile and on to someone else.


2. Your Experience:

Review and update your responsibilities and accomplishments.  What has changed? Have you been recognized by your company or industry for outstanding work in the past year?  Make sure to refresh your experience and reword and re prioritize what you have written previously. Show how you have evolved as a professional.


3. Your Contact Information:

Make sure that you have updated all the various ways that someone can contact you.  Confirm that your email address is updated and current. Also double check that your office and mobile phone numbers are correct. If a prospect cannot contact you easily you will lose the lead. You can find your existing information at the bottom of your profile.


4. Your Summary Section:

Make sure that you and your company will be perceived as someone worth contacting or meeting.  Consider telling as much about your company as you do about yourself. Remember that you can also link to content so review your recent presentations, videos and audio and consider sharing it on LinkedIn. This can really help you get attention and generate great new referrals.


5. Your Competition:

You can get inspired with fresh ideas by reviewing other LinkedIn profiles.  Study the best profiles that you admire in your current network and then adapt them for your needs.  See how others in your industry showcase their company’s strengths and their personal expertise.  If possible study the profiles of professionals that you compete against too and see how you stack up against them and the way they present themselves.


Read 10 additional tips from Connecticut’s own LinkedIn Evangelist, Marc Halpert, by reading his post here:



What have you found works best for you on LinkedIn to generate Sales Leads?  Share your successes with me.  Please email me at jack.caulfield@connoisseurct.com or call me at 203-783-8240.  Let’s brainstorm ideas and collaborate on ways to make LinkedIn work better for us to generate qualified contacts and new business leads in 2014.

Jack Caulfield
Sales Associate



Jack has been in the Advertising and Marketing industry for over 25 years. His expertise in Broadcast and Digital Media includes Integrated Marketing, Branding, Sponsorship, Social Media and Customer Relations. Jack’s focus is always on generating positive results for his clients.

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